We Went to a Fair, Monday, May 25, 2009


Mondays are usually pretty boring around here.  It is always sad to send Jared back to work and be “on my own” even though he is on the other side of the door if I really need him.

I spent about 2 hours this morning cleaning the house.  I got the laundry sorted out and cleaned the bathrooms.  I even managed to get on my hands and knees to scrub the floor in the bathroom and the laundry room.  There are still so many little things sitting around the house that need to be put away.  As I slowly work on it, I realize that I am getting closer and closer to having the baby, and all this work is not for naught.

I finally moved into the kitchen to get some good food going to keep me energized.  I decided to make some jerky.  I have some rump roasts in the freezer from our family’s ranch.  I thawed one out this weekend so that I could get some jerky made.  After cutting it with the grain into thin slices, I got it soaking in vinegar.  According to my preserving class, soaking the meat in vinegar for 10 minutes before marinating it will help to kill any microorganisms that might survive the drying process.  I then got it in the marinade.  I will be breaking out the dehydrator again tomorrow so that I can have jerky for snacking on.  I sure hope the jerky turns out to be tasty.  It just looks like raw meat now.

After several days of dehydrating onions, I finally got them all done.  That sure was a lot of onions to dry out.  You dry them to paper like consistency.

After spending a minute or two in the food processor, I had made onion powder!

I happened to hear on the radio that that Multinomah County Fair happens on Memorial Day Weekend.  I decided that I was going to check it out on Monday if it was still going on.  I discovered that today was the last day.  It is only a 3-day fair.  Even though Multinomah County is the most populated county in the state, it is also the least agricultural.  County Fairs seem very agricultural to me, so I was unsure of what to expect.  The good news is that it was a free event, so even if it totally didn’t work out, I was only out the gas it took to get there and get back.  I invited Julie to come with me. and she accepted.

I DID have quite a bit of fun, but it was definitely my least favorite of all the fairs I have been to.  There were no livestock, ZERO.  The “rabbit show” that we saw was simply a display of many different breeds of rabbits that were sponsored by a local company.  People voted on their favorite breed.  Though I liked seeing the different breeds, one of my favorite things about county fairs is seeing youth involved in worthwhile learning actitives.  This seemed to be more centered on the rides, which I had no interested in participating in.

We did find ways to have fun.  We managed to watch the duck races, which Daphne thought were mildly interesting.

They also had a great little tent with activities like what we saw at the Agricultural Festival.  Daphne especially LOVED the corn sand box.  I have an idea to make her a sandbox so that she can play in it.  She really has been interested in the sandbox idea lately.

Daphne even got to milk a cow (no, not a real cow).

She also got a chance to do her own duck racing.

We had an awful lot of fun, but it’s not the kind of fun that I would expect from a fair.  I am looking forward to taking Daphne to the Yamhill County Fair and the Harney County Fair later this summer.

When I got home, I had chores waiting for me.  I fed the baby bunnies and fed my family (we had duck)!

The baby bunnies are doing well.  Thing 1’s babies seem to be hanging on.  As long as I keep the wound open and let it heal from the inside out, the wounded bunny seems to be doing well.  In fact, it has the most full belly of all the kits today (the little porker).  The skinny bunny is definitely still the smallest and the thinnest, but I let it nurse extra, and it never really has been lacking in food or starving.  I think that it will make it just fine as long as I keep an eye on it, it might just grow more slowly until the bunnies can eat pellets in 2 weeks.  They look cute in their nesting box.  That’s a lot of bunnies.

The Angora bunnies are a little more active these days in their nesting box.  Though, they do still spend a good amount of time asleep.  They will go out with their mama when they get more adept at hopping both out and back in to their box.  I have no need to have baby bunnies scrambling about the house when they are safe with their mama.  I estimate that I’ll move them out on Saturday.

They sure are cute with their eyes fully open and their ears up.  They are learning to hop like their mama, and it is cute to see them take their first hops.  They have been shaky on their feet until now.

Where am I (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Edition


I am liking the format of summarizing what has gone on throughout the day.  They have been a little bit long lately, but I have some ideas to whittle them down and still provide other useful posts.  I am having ahard time sitting down at the end of the day.  It makes me extremely uncomfortable to sit down and do anything, and by the time I have read my email, I barely have any tolerance left to sit and type.  I’m debugging this, but that is why it’s been 3 days since I posted anything.

Sharing lots of photos has helped a lot with me documenting my life more.  Some weeks I used to go without picking up the camera at all, and I don’t like that at all.  Though not all the photos I am taking lately are professional quality photos, I am working on my photography skills in general, which is important right?

Friday was a fantastic day.  I try to go on lots of outings during the week to keep Daphne happy and busy and to keep me from going stir crazy in the house.  One of the regular things I do on Friday morning is go to Scotty’s.  It is a local play place that is indoors.  It is run by a church that allows free admission.  It has such a clean and friendly atmosphere, and it is nice to let Daphne play how she feels like for an hour or so.

The big news for Friday is that we went strawberry picking.  Though we are getting closer to that time of year, it is still a little bit early to get out and get lots of berries.  We got some rhubarb the other week from our CSA, and I froze it so that I could pair it with some strawberries to make some jam.  The early berries are great for jam because you don’t want to use overripe fruit in your jams.  I’ll post a little tutorial on the jam in another post.  The goal of picking strawberries was to get enough to make a batch of jam and to eat for a few days to satisfy the spring berry craving.

This is the third season that I have been berry picking with Daphne, and I must admit that I really love it.  The first year I just put her in a sling.  Last year, I just sat her down with a bucket of berries, and she ate whatever she wanted.  This year, she was actually helpful–well sort of.  You see, we are still working on colors, so when I told her to pick the red berries that sometimes meant that I got green berries.  She was so excited to help, so I spent a lot of time going around finding ripe berries and letting her pick them.  She really liked that.  The only problem is that she made up a rule that any berries she picked she got to eat, so a lot of the berries that I found, she ate (harumph).  All in all, it was a blast, and I totally plan to revisit next Friday to get some more yummy berries for eating next week.  The berries were totally gone by bedtime on Saturday.  It’s not like we love berries around here at all.

When I got the berries home, I washed them up and took about half of them for jam.  We only managed to pick a little less than 4 pounds in the 2 hours we were out there.  The picking was slim, and having a baby to watch really didn’t help.  However, those 4 pounds cost us only $4.  If we were to buy them already picked, we would have been paying $3 per pint.  Besides, they can’t weigh the berries that are in your tummy by the time you make it back to the register, and let’s just say there were a few of them in there.  (Ok. in all fairness, I held great restraint in eating while picking because I understand that not getting paid for something you grew is more than unfair).

While I was in the kitchen getting things ready for jam, I also got some onions on the dehydrator.  I decided to dehydrate all the onions that I had and make onion powder out of it.  This is the method I use for my veggie salt (yes, recipe coming soon, I promise).  I had WAY more onions than my dehydrator could handle, so the third batch is in there drying as I type this.  They should be done tomorrow.  The 2 batches I already did have been food processed into powder and put in a bag to be used in future cooking endeavors.

While Daphne took a nap on Friday I managed to get out and work on my herb garden.  I have always wanted an herb garden.  I had a pretty sucessful amout of herbs come out of the garden last year, but I was hoping to increase it this year.  I actually pulled up all the mature plants I had and ended up moving them around to put them all in the optimum space to grow me more herbs.  Now I have Greek Oregano, Chocolate Mint, Thyme, Marjorum, Parsley, Rosemary and Bay Laurel.  I am happy with the new arrangement, and if the plants don’t show any more shock from being moved, everything will go on for a nice herb season.



I made some tacos for dinner on Friday, and they were tasty.  The strawberries made a fantastic dessert with some fresh whipped cream I managed to whip up.

Saturday and Sunday were rather uneventful.  Unfortunately, the camera is really giving me problems.  The battery is almost dead, and I misplaced the charger and the spare battery.  I’ve been through the entire house trying to find it to no avail.  I skipped 2 days of bunny photos because I knew I was almost out of batteries, and nothing else got photographed either.  I’m hoping to find the battery tomorrow, otherwise, I am going to be very sad.

I made some progress sewing the elastic into my diapers and then serging them.  I have very few steps left before my one-size fitted diapers will be totally done.  They are looking really beautiful, and it makes me feel good to have lovely diapers.

Jared and I took Daphne to the park today today play around.  Carlton was really hopping with people out wanting to taste wine for the Memorial Day Holiday.  More power to them.  Our town is so lovely because these kinds of events really do bring in a lot of money for the local people.  I don’t mind sharing our little piece of Heaven with people on the weekends.

The bunnies are doing really great!  I can’t believe the changes I have seen in the Angora kits since they opened their eyes.  It seems that the black ones did it a lot faster than the white ones, which I assume is related to the fact that all the white bunnies are albinos.  Now that they have their eyes open, they are becoming more and more adventurous.  Though they are still staying in the nest box for now, I have a feeling that that will change over the next few days.  As soon as they can get in and out without problems the kits are going back out with mama.  They are getting good socialization for sure, but their mama can do a better job raising them than I can when there is no danger of them being killed from the cold nights.  They do spill out to get their mama when it it time to nurse.

Happy babies in the nest.

I’ve still got my attention on Thing 1’s babies.  There are 12 of them, so though she happily nurses them when I sit with her and help her, she only has 8 teats (it might actually only be 7).  That means that some of the little porkers get fed really well while the rest of them get little to eat.  The little bun that I  noticed was small and hungry the first day that held it’s own, but I am seeing less and less growth.  I can feel the ribs of the baby, and when I check to see that everyone is full at the end of the feeding, I am always finding that there are consistently 2-3 that need more to eat.  Thing 1 has had no problem with me giving them extra nursing time, but I’m not sure that she has the milk supply for it.  I would just foster them over to Daisy, but the week difference is HUGE in rabbit time, so I think it would be a worse situation.  I actually did end up letting them nurse from Daisy before her own babies got a chance tonight.  They seemed to be more full and happy than usual, but they were still very much more skinny compared to brothers and sisters.  If they manage to keep their own for another few days, their chances of long-term survival is greatly improved.  I’ll continue to foster nurse them and make sure that they get plenty to eat.

Chaos at feeding time.

This is a well fed nest of bunnies.

I have some other bad news.  The first day that Thing 1 had the babies, she was a little air headed, and she scratched one of the babies.  The wound looked like it was pretty bad, but manageable.  Over the next several days, I looked for the wounded baby (it is a black baby), but was never able to find the problem again, so I assumed it was not a problem or that it had healed.  On Friday night I was checking to make sure they all got fed and one of the black babies had  a misshaped tummy.  When I looked at it, it was in fact the wounded baby, and the wounds had gotten infected.  The hair in the nest had attached to the wound opening closing it so that it would not drain properly and so large absesses were growing.  I thought the baby was a gonner.  However, I cleaned out the wound (I’ll spare the gory details) and let the baby nurse an extra amount.  I’ve been keeping an eye on it every day.  I was sure the baby would die that night, but when I checked to see that everyone had eaten tonight, the wounded baby was the most feisty and the best fed of all the kits.  I’m not totally out of the woods on it yet, because it is still infected and needs to be cleaned 2 times a day, but every second the baby lives and is not listless and on its way down gives it a better chance of recovery and survival.  My hopes are high.

I took some family photos for Julie recently, and Daphne tagged along with me.  She thought she needed to be in many of the photos.  I did end up taking photos of her to oblige her, but she was so out of place in many of the photos I took!

She was trying to mimic a pose one of the girls was doing.

It must have been as good a time as any to take off the clothes and run around.

This is a blooper of the family, but Daphne really doesn’t belong either!

Always my little model.

This was in the middle of all the other photos.  Daphne really loves to sit at her stool like it is a little table.  This is how she ate lunch on Saturday.  A nice tasty Oregon burrito was consumed at her own little table.

Consider yourself updated.  Until tomorrow.

What a Day


I really like the blog format where I post what went on during the day along with photos.  There are also definitely posts that deserve their own spot, but for now I am going to try to make this work.

I have been carrying the camera around with me a lot more lately, which really helps me document the day and the things that go on.  One of the only things I have from my mom (who died when I was 3) was a journal that she kept about what was going on and the changes I was making as a person.  I hope to pass this on to my future family.

The only problem with a daily post is that at the end of the day sitting on the computer is the last thing that I really want to be doing.  I’ve gotten everything else done I HAVE to have done, but I’m still feeling exhausted, and I want to go to bed.  Thank goodness we have laptop I can use to post while in bed.

We have a lot of potatoes that we got from the CSA over the past several weeks that I have been unable to find a use for.  Jared suggested that I try to make a sort of Oregon Burrito with them.  Oregon Burritos are a tupe of burrito that you can get from a local restaurant called Muchos Gracias.  It has steak and potatoes and cheese and other good things in it.  I sliced up the potatoes and fried them up in the grease that was left over from making my morning sausage.  I also added some home made veggie salt to it (there is a post coming on this, I’m still experimenting a little).  They came out pretty well.

Today was the last story time for a while.  The library follows a schedule closely related to the local school system.  They stopped doing story time during spring break, and they are taking some time off now during the end of school.  I personally think it is crazy, but no one asked my opinion.  The next story time will be at the end of June, so our Wednesday mornings are going to be empty for the next month.  Of course there were bubbles at the story time, and Daphne had a blast catching them and playing with them.

She is so nice and she brings the bubbles to me to check out when she catches them.

After story time, we headed over to the park to do some playing and eat some food.  Daphne had a blast running around on the play structure, and we even got some eating in as well.

The play structure is really cool!

After eating, we ended up going to the swimming pool to get a good hour of swimming time in.  People are really impressed by Daphne’s bravery in the water, and I must say that I am very proud of her.  I almost feel totally useless as a caregiver in the pool because she is so self sufficient.  I really hope to start teaching her how to swim under the water soon.

The day kind of went downhill from there.  Daphne refused to take a nap when we got home and then her friends showed up.  I spent at least an hour sewing while I was interrupted every few minutes to handle the fact that she would not lay down to take a nap.  I finally gave up at 4:00 and told her that she could come out, but when she does not take a nap it takes a toll on everyone.  She spent the rest of the day totally unhappy and upset.  She was impossible to please and she made a game out of everything she was not supposed to be doing.  It was not a lot of fun.

When I finally managed to coax Daphne into the bedroom, she found her keyboard and sat down to type.  It is not connected to anything, but she informed Jared and I that she was sitting down to type a post on her blog.  I am trying to limit the time that I spend on the computer so I direct more attention to Daphne, but I had NO idea she even knew what a blog was.

I started to feel like the house was a little too messy and out of control so I went on a cleaning spree.  I mainly was worried about the kitchen because even if the smallest bit of food gets left on the counter the ants come in in droves!  What a total pain.  I did manage to get some things put away so that the house felt cleaner.  However, only 2 hours after going to bed, Daphne woke up upset.  I think she was sick.  She keeps telling me that her body hurts.  She was crying and grumpy and inconsolable.  I finally managed to get some things done by putting her in the big bed and letting her watch “Babe.”  However, she didn’t look good.

Thing 2’s litter is doing great.  I think having 12 kits as a first time mom really startled her.  When I went out in the morning she had pulled out a bunch more fur trying to make a nest to convince me to give them back.  She has less trust of me than Daisy does.  She has been reluctant to nurse, so I have had to force her to sit and nurse the babies which has resulted in injuries to 2 of them (while she struggled to get into a different position).  The scratches have healed pretty nicely though.  I have checked to make sure that all 12 have been fed and full each time I have taken them out.  It is hard for me to keep count, so I can imagine how overwhelming it must be to her.  The smaller kits are keeping up with the bigger ones.  They are not THAT much smaller after all.  I’m glad to see that they are aggressive nursers, so the baby I thought I was going to lose is in the clear now.

I am a little more hands off with this litter than with Daisy’s babies.  It is partially out of respect for the mama’s wishes and also because I’m not wanting to get attached to the babies because they are slotted and designated as meat rabbits.  I will love them and take care of them for sure, but making them tame pets probably isn’t the smartest thing to do.

Julie is getting interested in buying a meat doe because of the possibility of a nice meat source that is relatively easier than chickens.

Now you can really see the difference in this litter and Daisy’s babies.

Daisy’s black babies started to open their eyes today!  None of the white babies have yet, but I suspect that is because they are albino or REW (red-eyed white).  They sure are cute with their eyes open, but they are very squinty because all of that extra light seems to be a little overwhelming.

They are still very snuggly in the hand when you hold them.  They are almost too big now to safely hold in one hand.

The last part of the day involved cleaning off all the onions that we harvested from the garden before turning the soil.  We got 12 pounds of green onions.  After letting them dry for about a week and a half I cut out any bad parts or any stems that were not happy and got them ready for my next project with them.  I am going to dehydrate them and add them to my veggie salt (yes, I promise to tell about that more later.)

Farm Visit


Our vegetable growers were having an open house, so we took a drive out to the farm to say hi and see what was going on.  I have been doing more things lately with my friend Katie, so we have started to become better friends.  We are in a knitting group that gets together ever other week to hang out and try to make some crafting projects.  I’ve been out to the farm recently for knitting group, but Jared and Daphne hadn’t been out since we went to pick pumpkins in October.

I really enjoyed the visit.  We got a chance to look at the farm and get an idea of the practices that they use to grow the veggies.  I feel like I learned a lot about who they are and how they view the production of food.  They really are fantastic people, and I am proud to have them as friends.  They care so much about taking care of the community that they feed, and they do a genuinely good job taking care of the land that the rely on for their livelihood.  It’s not just about making money for them, which is such a refreshing viewpoint.

I was really impressed at the amount of work that they have put in since I was there just six short months ago.  Everything has been moved to a new location to rotate the crops.  We got a really, really good tour.  Daphne didn’t hold up so well.  I’m not sure that she got that we were visiting a really big garden, but I’m glad for the experience anyway.

She really just liked the water they were serving.

The walk wasn’t too terrible either!

God knows the water lines are good for a little rest.

Oliver was there, so we got to say hi to his grandma and him.

When all else fails, sitting with daddy under a shade tree is nice.

Oregon Agricultural Festival


A few weekends ago, Daphne, Jared and I headed out to Salem with Julie and her family to the Oregon Ag Festival. This is something that Julie and I took the kids to last year, and we all had a blast.  I was very excited to make it for another year.

The purpose of the festival is to raise the awareness of the different agricultural products that surround us here in Oregon.  In a world where many kids to not know where their food comes from, it is important to give them a connection to the land and the way that things were grown.  This festival is really cool because it was very hands on.  We spent a lot of time indoors looking at different booths getting educated on everything from rain barrels to rain water, bees to plants and wheat to hatching chickens.  There were spinners there demonstrating their craft (someone was spinning from an angora bun) as well as 4H groups.  Anything that had anything to do with agriculture in Oregon was represented.  The entire thing is geared toward kids rather than adults, so there was always something fun to stop and do.  We then headed outside so that we could look at the animals.  There were pigs, llamas, rabbits, chickens, goats, horses and even some Scottish Highland cattle.  Daphne loved seeing all the animals.  We even managed to hitch a ride back to the other side of the fairgrounds on a hay ride pulled by draft horses.

I would highly recommend trying to make it next year if you live in this area.  I did manage to get a few photos of Daphne at the festival, but I was having too much fun myself to think about documentation.

One of the popular things to do was to play in these kiddie pools filled with grains.  This one was filled with corn granules.  Check out that tongue again!

Daphne even got a chance to “milk a cow.”  She is a pretty good milker in real life, but I think she got a kick out of giving this a try.

After that, we were back into another kiddie pool filled with wheat.

Toddler Story Time


When I started to not feel very good during the winter, I committed to trying to find some new activities to do with Daphne out of the house. All last summer we were out milking the goat every day, and it was plenty to keep us busy. When the winter hit, we were stuck inside almost full time, and it was getting depressing. I decided that I was going to start taking her to the Toddler Story Time that they have at the library once a week. We go on Wednesday mornings from 10:45 to 11:15. That usually gives us enough time to get a snack before we head off to go to the swimming pool.

I never could have guessed how wonderful the story times are. I thought it would just be something to do, but it turns out that Daphne really, really enjoys them, and she has learned a lot from them.

At the story time, they sing songs, read books, blow bubbles and sometimes play with some musical instruments. Daphne has learned a lot of songs from the story time that she is happy to run around singing if you ask her to. I have never been much of a singer, so I haven’t ever sung songs to her. I feel like she is getting a lot from the story times that she wouldn’t necessarily get from me. Additionally, the same people tend to come every week, so I’ve been able to get to know some other moms who stay at home with their babies.

At the end of every story time, they blow bubbles. This is Daphne’s favorite part. She loves to run around and stomp on the bubbles and play. I just love seeing how happy they make her. We have a collection of bubbles at home now so that she can play bubbles at home.

Here she is with bubbles all around.

She caught one!


Everyone always ends up with bubbles in their hair at the end of the bubble blowing time.

As a side note, the bubbles and the bubble wand are a Gymboree product. I’m not usually into gimmicky plastic toys, but we ended up getting Daphne this bubble set for her birthday so that she could blow the bubbles on her own. It takes little to no skill to operate the bubble wand. The Gymboree solution is also unique in that the bubbles tend to last for a long time, and they don’t all sink to the floor and pop. You should definitely try them out if you have kids that are interested in the bubble arts!

Carlton Easter Celebration


Our neighbors told us a few days before Easter that the local volunteer fire department puts on a little Easter celebration in town the day before Easter. We figured that we would go and give it a shot, since Daphne really seems to enjoy hunting for Easter Eggs. This one ended up being a ton of fun, and it didn’t cost us anything.

Daphne and I jumped on the bike and raced down to the local park to participate. Jared decided to drive because he thought it would be faster, but it turns out that we ended up there at about the same time, and he had to park the car really far away because of the limited parking.

Daphne was raring to go get some eggs.

She didn’t have much trouble finding them with her daddy’s help.

When the hunt was all over, she discovered that some of the eggs she had picked up had a bit of chocolate in them!

She even got a nice big hug from the Easter Bunny, who is apparently sponsored by Crayola!

Even though Easter has come and gone, she still wants to go for egg hunts, and she wonders when the Easter Bunny is going to come and see her again.

Bee Swarm


As we were getting ready to leave Jared’s mom’s house after a nice Mother’s Day brunch, I looked out the window of the car and saw this.

I told Jared to stop so that I could take some photos and examine what was going on. Eventually, while we were looking, we collected the entire neighborhood together to watch nature at work. So, what is it?

That is a swarm of bees that was thrown off the main hive. It happens this time of year. I have limited knowledge of beekeeping, but my friend Scott is very knowledgeable, and after spending a year around him and his bees, I did learn a thing or two. The hive breeds new queens every year, and when the queens mature, it is time for them to go and make their own nest. The hive throws out the queen as well as a supporting community to go make a new hive elsewhere.

In this case, there was a hive already in a nearby oak tree, and this set of bees is looking desperately for a new home. They chose the wheel of a go-cart–not a very smart choice, nor a very viable one.

What does one do when they come upon a swarm? Call your local extension service. That is what they are there for. They keep names and numbers of experienced people who are interested in collecting wild swarms and turning them into productive hives. They will come and get the swarm and take them home happily to produce many, many pounds of honey for themselves.

In any case, any person interested in farming, gardening, water supply, etc., etc., (basically anything having to do with the land and being outside) should be familiar with their local extension service. They are supported by our land grant tax dollars to help us as a community be successful in our agriculturally related endeavors. They have Master Gardeners who can help you troubleshoot your garden. They have Master Preservers who can test your pressure canning gauge to make sure you are canning at a safe pressure etc., etc. If you have kids, they are in charge of the 4-H program. Go meet your extension service personnel, I swear, you will walk away amazed that such a resource exists.

Tulips Everywhere


Since spring is here (or is at least supposed to be here), it is time to see the flowers in bloom. The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival occurs every year at this time of year, and I decided that it was time to take Daphne there to get a good look at some tulips and to take some lovely photos.

The tulips were just lovely. They had over 40 acres of tulips of all different kinds planted, so it was nothing but a sea of color. Daphne and I spent over 2 hours walking around the flowers admiring them. She was very sweet and gentle, and left all but one alone. The casualty was picked on accident, and she took it everywhere with her. She even brought it home and gave it to her daddy as a surprise. I did take some photos of the fields, but I’d rather post photos of Daphne. Look at all the lovely color behind her to get an idea of just how many flowers there were.

Kissing the flowers was something Daphne really loved to do.

Sitting among the flowers was also acceptable.

What is better than running among the flowers?

I love the color in this photo.

My sweet little princess.

Why would I ever process these in black and white?  Look at the killer tones.

Another lesson in agriculture


I’ve been to many fairs over the years, and to be honest the animal parts (besides things like the rodeos and horse shows) seemed sort of pointless to me. But we went to the Yamhill County fair tonight to check it out, and going with a farm girl changes everything.

When we first walked in, she said that she has almost never gone on rides at the fair. I wasn’t altogether surprised, but that’s pretty much what the fair was about for me when I was little. But my daughter’s a little too small to get much out of them, and I’m not interested in paying $2 to pop a balloon, so we skipped that section and went on to check out the animals and other exhibits.

I was actually surprised to learn that many of the animals are taken for the express purpose of auctioning them off for food. I had no idea. Again, I had thought that having all of the animals there was basically pointless. But now I get it, and it was actually sort of neat.

We went to the auction twice. Once for some of the hogs and once for some of the steers. I kept my eye on the kids that were selling and presenting. I don’t know why but I half expected them to be some kind of “farm geek”. But they were all pretty normal, they just raised farm animals.

The auction was an interesting idea. We couldn’t figure out all of the details about how everything worked, but people bid on the animal to either keep as food or donate to a local charity to feed needy families. And then the kid gets most of the proceeds for whatever they need/want. If I had known how it worked prior, we would have budgeted some each month and stocked up on some meat. But a 1400 pound cow costs a bit more than an impulse purchase allows, even at the rock bottom prices that they were going for. It was actually kind of sad to see the animals that these kids had obviously worked hard to raise go for so little.

Anyway, I guess this is just one more step in my ever increasing experiences in the agriculture arena. It’s not an area I ever saw myself interested in, but as I learn more and more about it, the cooler it’s getting.

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